Lapu – Lapu March

A country’s national anthem can tell much about the people who live in it. The anthem also shows the citizen’s patriotism for their own land, and though Lapu – Lapu might not be a country on its own, a person who has lived a few years of their childhood in the city would surely know of the bravery of the first Filipino hero to whom the city was named after. This knowledge comes through a song about the city’s very own hero. An anthem that is sung on a daily basis, right after the country’s national anthem, “Lupang Hinirang”.

Here’s the English and Cebuano lyrics to the anthem that a true-blue Oponganon can’t help but sing along to: “Lapu – Lapu March / Dakbayan”

Check out the video here:


There’s a city east of Cebu
Lapu – Lapu is the name
People there are busy
Everyone is happy
Friendly smiles you see everywhere

Hero of the Philippines
Lapu – Lapu is the name
Followers were brave men
Who fought the invaders
Unto victory they won

Lapu – Lapu, Lapu – Lapu
I give my heart and hand
Fifteen twenty-one, fight in Mactan
I remember to the end

Keep me closer unto thee
I love you more and more
I sing to thee Mabuhay
My only home sweet home


Dakbayan sa Sidlakan
Lapu – Lapu ang ngalan
Iyang pumupuyo
Tanan makugihon
Kanunay’ng malipayon

Bayaning Pilipinhon
Lapu – Lapu ang ngalan
Mga kauban maisog
Niasdang sa kaaway
Hangtud sa kadaugan

Lapu – Lapu, Lapu – Lapu
Gugma niyang gihalad
Sa panggubatan
Didto sa Mactan
Halandumon sa hangtod

Sa kanunay’ng pagbati
Sa gugmang tiunay
Isinggit kong mabuhi
Yutawhan kong Mahal


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